Canc set to release new song tagged "Stop Any Form Of Abuse", as she confirmed breakup with husband Lenz Mulbah

What is really going on in the marriage of record label owner, Lenz Mulbah and artiste Canc is the million-dollar question on the lips of many.

Not all Liberian celebrity marriages are fairytales meant to last forever. It is often said that celebrity marriages crash as fast as they are contracted. But this is not always the case. Some Liberian celebrity marriages have stood the test of time while others crashed like a pack of badly stacked cards.

The former lovebirds who once had eyes only for each other were known for their public display of affection, especially on social media. Sadly, Canc has deleted all photos of them together on Instagram, which sparked up more speculations about their break up.

Although the pair has been evasive about the state of their marriage, there have been mild indications that they have separated. They both have not flaunted their love and family on social media for a while now. 

Canc revealed the details that led to her breakup on Instagram. She said that she suffered series of domestic violence from her estranged husband.

On her Instagram page, she shared a picture of herself looking stunning and she wrote:

The climax of what seemed to be an 'unending love' between Canc and Lenz Mulbah has eventually happened. Well, it looks like Canc has finally given up on her everlasting love for Lenz Mulbah.

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