Attributes of most successful people

Most of us have realized that it takes more than our ordinary routines to make us successful. It is those extra things we later possess that push us to become the extraordinary being of tomorrow. Almost all successful people have habits and attitudes that propel them to the top of the world.

Success is not just defined by riches but it also involves exceeding one's limitations and set goals. 

Let's dive into some of these characteristics that drives an individual towards success.

Will Smith


The first stage of chasing success is to find your purpose.Your purpose is your duty  here on earth and what you see fit to do. There are a lot of things anyone could do but there are things that only some people are attracted to. Maybe you feel passionate about helping the needy, singing or possibly just playing football to entertain others. Your passion points you to a purpose in life.


Once you've found a purpose in life,the next step is setting your goals for the future. If you are passionate about changing the world,how do uoi want to do it? By setting your goals you have placed a check on yourself to monitor your progress towards fulfilling your purpose in life.

If I want to get enough money to build a school in my community, my goals will be to get proper education on how to run a school and also work hard enough to gather enough money to build a school.


Once you have set your goals and have realized your purpose,you need to move in with positive energy. By that I mean,having people who are ready to support you towards the fulfillment of your goals.

Remember if you want to walk fast,walk alone but if you want to walk far then work together with the right people.

Tyler Perry



There's no way you can succeed without either perseverance or determination. There will be setbacks for sure,but you need to keep pushing hard until all the obstacles impeding your goals ate cleared off.

Remember that chasing your dreams is like cutting a huge tree,if you stop cutting the tree it would never fall but if you continue hitting it with your machete, it would one day fall.

Cassper Nyovest in His early stage

Thank you for your time. I hope you have really learnt something from this article.

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